Sold Out ⋅ Trey Gruber — Herculean House of Cards Double LP

Sold Out ⋅ Trey Gruber — Herculean House of Cards Double LP


Trey Gruber’s posthumous debut double LP Herculean House of Cards. A compilation of early demos, studio demos, and live recordings.

Release date: June 28th, 2019. Digitally released by Numero Group. Produced by Jessica Viscius and Desiree Gruber. Mixed by Paul Cherry. Mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Service. Pressed by A-Z Media. Album design by Jessica Viscius and Alexa Viscius. Cover photo by Brooklyn Morgan. Back photos by (top) Dan Geddes and (bottom) Jessica Viscius.

Net proceeds from this album will be donated to Gateway Foundation treatment center.


Track Listing

Early Demos:

  1. Eisenhower to the West Side

  2. Do You Feel Fine

  3. Guillotine

  4. Same

  5. Money's Ran Off

  6. Pray to Christ in Heaven

  7. No Man for No Home

  8. Last July

    Studio Demos:

  9. Sister Say

  10. Dirt

  11. I Tried

  12. Summer City

  13. Jess

  14. Stay in Line

  15. Get Your Fix

  16. On Fear

  17. Momma's Way

  18. Herculean House of Cards

  19. The Leaving

    Live Performances:

  20. In Between - Live

  21. Ain’t Nobody’s Fault - Live

  22. Fool's Gold - Live

  23. Even Jesus Christ Had Died - Live

  24. Eisenhower to the West Side (Ballad Reprise) - Live

    Bonus Track:

  25. Hammer Out the Edges

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